Some things we do for money... some we do for love... Whole Lotta Zepp is all about the love!

A Led Zeppelin Tribute

Formed by five musicians with a love and dedication to the music of Led Zeppelin, this is an honest and true representation of the music of the greatest rock band ever performed live on stage with no backing tracks or tricks with full audio and visual production.

Mr. T


Singing since a boy, Mr. T has got the tone and the highs and lows or Mr. Plant.



Bonham is the childhood hero of Kev and he works hard to do the late, great John Bonham justice.


Bass Guitar

Andy has gone to great lengths to emulate the unsung hero of Led Zeppelin, Mr. John Paul Jones!


Lead Guitar

An accomplished guitarist with a feel for the live guitar playing of Jimmy Page


Keyboards & Everythign Else!

A sensational multi-instrumentalist who understands all the nuances and importance of the additional Led Zeppelin instruments including keyboards, harmonica and every other “behind the scenes” instrument.