In Hahndorf’s embrace
At the Old Mill’s Grand Hall,
A Tribute band’s ready to heed the rock ‘n’ roll call.
“Whole Lotta Zepp”, they’re known far and wide,
To honor Led Zeppelin, they take it in stride.

On September’s sweet sixteenth, at 9pm’s chime,
They’ll summon the magic, it’s the perfect time.
With guitars that echo like thunderous tides,
They’ll unleash the classics where rock music abides.

“Stairway to Heaven” they’ll play with such grace,
A celestial journey, in that sacred space.
“Whole Lotta Love” they’ll ignite the nights fire,
With riffs and solos that never tire.

“Kashmir” will transport you to exotic terrains,
As the band weaves its spell with soulful refrains
“Black Dog” will howl, a fierce rock ‘n’ roll blast,
In the heart of the crowd, it’ll find its release.

“immigrant song” shall roar a Viking war cry,
With pounding drums, reaching for the sky.
“Rock ‘n’ Roll” will groove and make you sway,
In the spirit of Zeppelin, they’ll conquer the night’s fray.
“Ramble On” they shall, through stories untold,
 In the verses and choruses, the legends unfold.

“When the Levee Breaks”, they’ll bring forth the flood,
A sonic tsunami, a rock ‘n’ roll bud.
“Dazed and Confused” in the music we find, clarity and purpose as they unwind.

“Good Times, Bad Times” they’ve faced on this ride,
But their passion for Zeppelin won’t ever subside.

So come join the journey, on this musical quest,
With “Whole Lotta Zepp” you’re in for the best.
At Hahndorf’s Old Mill where the memories await,
On September 16th, it’s an unmissable date.

For Led Zeppelin lives on through their Tribute’s embrace,
In the heart of the music, each familiar face.
With each song they play, they’ll honor the sublime,
“Whole Lotta Zepp” at the Old Mill, it’s a magical time.

- Derek Zilich

"As a travelling musician for the last 20 years all over Japan, UAE, Germany and Doha to name a few, I can sincerely say these Adelaide guys put on a great show. Would highly recommend. "
Adam Barclay
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